About Us

Let us take you through the journey of Effime Home...

Throughout my life, candles have always been a deep passion of mine. Whichever home decoration store I visited; I couldn't stop myself from indulging in a brand new scent! Naturally, inspired by this love for luxurious smells that truly make your house feel like a home, we then started creating our own scents and developed them into candles and diffusers.

Our name is symbolic of the family values we uphold as a brand. My daughter Stephanie has always been affectionately called Effi by her grandmother, thus inspiring our initial name of Effi and Me Home. This eventually evolved into our current name: Effime Home.

The first candle that we created was named Wonderland, which evokes fond memories of our first mother and daughter trip to Cambridge. This candle thus emulates the vibrant scents of, and transports you to, a classic old fashioned sweet shop.    

We are an independent company based in London that believes in using products that are paraben and cruelty-free, hence why all our products are hand made here, thus reducing our carbon footprint. Furthermore, our products are ethically sourced, meaning no harsh chemicals and no artificial colours, with only the best tried, and tested fragrances selected for our collection. For example, we use soy wax as it is clean burning, sustainable and renewable. Additionally, we print our own labels ourselves and stick them onto our matte finished, whiskey style design jars. The durable heat-resistant jar is thick walled with a heavy base to create a sturdy vessel, which can then be reused for a number of things such as make-up brushes, contemporary stationary pots or even plant pots. Same goes for our natural bamboo candle lids with an eco-friendly and biodegradable finish, our FSC certified card boxes, and bags!

That’s not all. We have another love which lies in the world of jewellery. Finding the best match for that necklace, or earrings for important events can often be stressful, so when I decided to start my own business, I had no doubt in adding a special and unique style of jewellery to our repertoire. We only use gemstones or natural pearls, with sterling silver or gold filled toggles and claps. Again, no mass production here: all our pieces are handmade in small batches.

Everything we do, we do with care for our valued customers. I've spent over 16 years working as a retail manager and my biggest pride has always been to give the absolute best service to my clients. Quality is everything. We chose to take more expensive materials to create candles and diffusers of exceptional quality, with a luxurious and minimalistic contemporary look. All our items, from the candles to jewelleries, are handmade in our home. It's all about family. Having our own business means we get to spend as much time as possible with the people who matter most. My husband and son are the talented people behind all of our pictures, whilst my daughter and I pick out scents and create each product.

We hope you feel assured and inspired to explore our products here at Effime Home.